When fun meets taste it results in


Loved by all, ‘Catty Chins’ a most demanded snack has all the goodness of corns blended with the quality imported ingredients, making it a must item in every grocery trolley. The yummy cheese flavor doubles the fun and makes every bite a craving for another bite.

Catty Chins


Super Crisp products are made from high quality imported raw materials and flavours. You can taste the quality of this simple snack. Crunchy potato & corn sticks with just the right amount of salt and pepper, the Super Crisp Potato Sticks are truly awesome.

Potato Sticks

Pepper & Salt

Super crisp Ringss are the crunchiest and yummiest snack in cheese and onion flavour give you that zesty taste you wouldn’t want to miss. Plus, the quality is unmatchable.


Cheese and Onion

When fun meets taste it results in Super Crisp Dino Munchies. Naughty Ketchup Flavor and perfect quantity of spices give a unique taste experience and the Dino shape adds thrill and fun in every bite.

Dino Munchies